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     "Avan Salt Plant" closed joint stock company is the only salt-producing company in the region.
     The Plant was built in 1967 just in the place of saltfield, located in Avan, an ecologically clean area of Yerevan.
     The Plant was reformed as a closed joint stock company in 2001.
     The factory has two main types of production, which are "Extra" iodized, high-quality common food salt and the mining complex of rock salt.
     "Extra" common food salt (no less than 99,5% of sodium chloride) is produced by the vacuum evaporation method of concentrated brine derivable in the underground holes at a depth of 1200 m.
     We are mining rock salt for the cattle breeding (no less than 93% of sodium chloride) and ground salt (no less than 90% of sodium chloride) for technical purposes in the plant's mine at a depth of 300 m.
     Avan Salt Plant is prospering now. High technologies, new packaging lines are invested in the plant. As well as ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System has been implemented in the company.
     Honorable diplomas were awarded to our Company for the high quality production at the international exhibitions for many times.
     "Avan Salt Plant" CJSC is a member of European Salt Producers' Association (EuSalt) since 2002.
Tours at week-ends in the operating salt mine

  "Avan Salt Plant" CJSC organizes tours in the operating salt mine: situated in the territory of the company on the depth of 235 m, where the temperature is +19° C the whole year round.

  Visitors will go down to the mine by the freight-passenger elevator accompanied by the guide to have the opportunity of enjoying the unique and wild beauty of the mine endowed with the highly effective natural therapeutic properties. They will see the operating & already used salt chambers, learn of rock salt mining process, as well as visit the Republican Speleological Therapeutic Center located in the mine.

  For more information please contact us by the following phone number: (+37410) 62 64 30