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Armenia is a country with rich natural, medical-improving resources. Alongside with unique food and medical-mineral sources, mountain-climatic health resorts bowels Ararat Valley contain powerful layers of food salt which is unique by its medical qualities. Since May 1987 patients suffering of bronchial asthma, respiratory and some other diseases, restore their health in Republican Speleological Therapeutic Center. This original clinic is located in a man-made cave, on depth of 235 m from a surface of the ground. Here on 4000 sq m of useful area are located medical-diagnostic cabinets, a sports hall, galleries for walks, niches for rest and dream. The clinic is in capital of Armenia - Yerevan. Treatment is carried out as everyday 6-hour sessions. Course of treatment consists of 20 sessions.


Speleological Therapy is a preventive maintenance, rehabilitation and treatment of a bronchial asthma, allergic diseases, and also hereditary immune-hormonal dysfunction by means of immune correction amplifications of the hormonal status. The given therapy is used also for rehabilitation and preventive maintenance of broncho-pneumatic diseases, sharp virus respiratory illnesses (flu), and also children's infantilism.
Enough encouraging results are received also at the analysis of preliminary researches of treatment of patients sarcoidosis, eczema, psoriasis, and also children, suffering cerebral paralysis (an easy degree).
Procedures of speleological therapy for pregnant women are rather effective. They are useful not only for mother, but also for the child.


Highly effective natural therapeutic treatment is carried out in the exclusive cosy health resort - chamber where is modeled the basic medical-improving physical factor of speleological therapy - energy of crystals of natural stone salt, but in difference with speleological health resort, here these crystals are shaken by a quantum stream of light. Medical process passes accompanied by audio and video effects. Patients settle down in convenient relaxation armchairs, and children can play to a sandbox of stone salt where sand is in itself enriched with microelements of medical property.

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