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    Salt Lamp - the decorative luminary provides a soft night-light and is designed for the interior decoration by means of alight salt rocks, as the light of it, pleasant to the eye and soul, illuminates the colour & the shade of the natural salt crystals giving a romantic and a cozy look to the room.
    Salt lamp is made of ecologically clean natural rock salt that is a generator of healthy negative ions (aquation). The negative ions are connected with the positively charged ions harmful for the health in the air and create a favourable indoor climate good for the one's well-being, by improving the air quality.
    According to various sources of information the salt lamp has the following effects:

- Air ionization, as well as purification of dust and smoke
    Radiological analysis of the rock salt showed that it belongs to so called "warm minerals" and is a generator of positive energy just like the rock crystal.
    When heated by the light bulb, the rock salt is reacted with the aqueous molecules existing in the air and ionizes the air.

- Neutralizing the harmful electromagnetic influence
- Immune system improvement
    Today people are becoming increasingly dependent on electrical devices, television sets and computers but we hardly think on the fact that these devices are source of harmful positive ions of so called "electrical smog" having a bad environmental impact and harmful for one's well-being & immunity.
    Natural rock salt efficiently counteracts the E-field radiation of computers or other electrical devices owing to the specific structure of its crystal lattice.
    The recent scientific research proved that in the ionized room the dust amount is reduced by 52% and the bacterium by 95%.

- Preventive measure against allergy and asthma
- Disinfection
    Salt lamp eliminates the positively charged allergens like dust allergies, pollen allergies, animal dander allergies, mould spores, hay fever, asthma and is a good preventive measure against heavy odor, smoke, depression and fatigue.
    The scientific studies showed that negative ions have no adverse side effect and reduce the presence of airborne viruses by 40%.
    Due to the physical property of the crystal, the salt lamp is also used in aromatherapy: just add a few drops of aromatic oil to the heated salt lamp!
    While using the salt lamp people have found out that the salt lamps, heated by different colours of light bulbs, have different effects on humans, for example:
orange -emotionality, sense of protection, prevents shock, has a soothing effect for calming one's nerves, is good for mind, as well as improves the work of kidneys and urinary bladder
red - improves blood circulation and increases vital energy
yellow - stimulates the liver, gall-bladder, pancreas
white -cleaning and disinfection & brown - health improvement and harmony

The company takes orders of making non-standard Salt Lamps & interior decoration with rock salt blocks.